I was in great amounts of pain on several levels.
It was getting ridiculous and almost more than I thought I could bear.
Pain seemed to be taking over my life.
I couldn't seem to figure out what the problem was, I tried many different solutions.
Finally it was suggested I try hypnotherapy.
I admit I was a little leery of "having someone messing around in my head" :) I talked to Bob and was reassured it's not like that.
And here I am reassuring you it is NOTHING like that. 
Forget about all those silly comedy show things you have seen and other such preconceived notions.
Bob conducts himself in a very professional, caring manner.
You are soon at ease with the situation and ready to begin.
I was able to relieve my pain on three different levels and now have my life back.
I was greatly surprised and thankful at how immediate the results were.
As a nice side benefit I shared some laughs with Bob and found out some pretty interesting things about myself.
I would definitely recommend Bob if you are struggling with a problem (spiritual, mental or physical) or you just want an entertaining way to find out more about yourself.
They Said....19 September 2015

Thank you Bob, for your wonderful Hypnosis treatment today. Fernando and I feel so relaxed and happy. Stress free! As the evening progresses we are feeling more and more relaxed. We would definitely recommend your treatment if any one is going through a difficult time or just for General relaxation. We are feeling blissfully happy with more harmony. Your voice is so soothing it was easy to zen out with you! 

Thank you so much,
Barbara and Fernando
 DEANNA SAID........

It’s amazing how each of us is perfect and how we all come from our own points of view and “thank heavens” we never need fixed.
Got to love each of us as we continue our life’s journey.
Ever ask yourself the question, why some of our children don’t call or are still mad?
Well perhaps it is honestly because we ourselves need to repair some of our own values, attitudes and actions.
If you are still reading this review then please accept from me that one of the greatest gifts you can or may give to yourself with the residue to others is fixing yourself.
From me to you if you are reading this please understand that I asked for Bob Kittle to accept me as a hypnotherapist patient as I was suffering from sadness and trauma and loss of self esteem.
Are you afraid or have been of the stigma of the word, “Hypnotherapy”. Don’t be. Out of all the journeys within ourselves this is the most relaxing, refreshing hours you may ever take.
Did I, have I, ever have fears of the unknown or the journey that may take me to a place that could cause me to have succeed in seeing myself as I should be?.........of course the answer is yes.
Have I been relieved from the stress that I have caused upon myself? The answer is yes.  
I am deeply appreciative of the gift that Bob Kittle has given me with his time and concern for my well being.
I recommend you look within yourself and take the journey into self discovery.

Bless you

Patti SAID.....

I was experiencing a great deal of Anxiety over an upcoming eye surgery, which required that I would have to travel to Vancouver, and recuperate at my brother's home. In other words, give up some independence, and rely on someone else!
I was also having more problems sleeping. After a few sessions with Bob, my Anxiety level decreased and most nights, I was able to sleep more fitfully.
Bob is a very caring, trustworthy, and professional fellow, and we travelled my journey together. Am very thankful for the benefits of our sessions and for the CD, Bob made for me, to carry, and listen to (many, many times).
My physician had prescribed Ativan, which I NEVER NEEDED!!

Many thanks Bob.

Sheila SAID.....

I went to bed at my usual 11pm and did NOT have the usual aches in my legs and both ankles that I usually have.........and woke up to no pain! Feels so good......... I came home after meditation, with lots of energy.........shovelled my driveway in no time, then made supper and cleaned my room!
Now to hope I don't sleep in!

Many thanks Bob!

Elaine SAID.....

I have spent a great many years in therapy; some of my issues carried over unresolved. A friend finally convinced me to go to a free session of hypnosis at the senior centre [I had always declined as I thought I was not able to be hypnotized]. It was a general session of relaxation because of the number of people there. To my surprise and pleasure I felt much calmer within myself. This effect has remained with me, hence it has made my life much less stressful. I continue to do the once a week free sessions, which has made me feel centered, calmer and happier.

I decided to do some one on one sessions with Bob which have resolved issues I have been dealing with for many years. As I child I felt my mother didn't love me as much as my siblings. This was very painful for me plus it reflected on how I treated her. My mother is in a care facility, her mind is intact, her body has deceived her. She can say nasty things to all of her family, I was taking it personal and resenting her. After one session with Bob I realized I held all those childish feelings, which weren't true and it was affecting my adult relationship with her. I can now visit her and if she says nasty things I know it is because she has so little control over her life it is very frustrating for her. These visits have now become happy times for me and I'm sure a little happier for her. 

Thank you Bob. 

InnerZen Hypnosis

email to Val.....

I was thinking of our amazing deep deep Hypnotherapy session from Bob, for many many days after and still feel the healing peace and beautiful message it brought along.

It was truly amazing, reclining next to you (Val) on the comfy sofa and being treated for such a magical experience … Bob is truly gifted, he has such an natural talent for it!!!
I wish, I wouldn’t be such a lazy ( limited ) writer, because I would like to write it all down, so I don’t forget any of the beautiful details of this amazingly, magical journey we’ve had.

I loved how YOU were there, with me in the company of Jesus … later I’ve wondered, if it might have been a glimpse into the future, possibly :) … anyways, I loved the pure and deep message of LOVE, which I’ve received at the end. It’s even hard to explain it in words, as the whole experience, especially the part where we got to glance at the Akashic records is something words do not describe , at least not with my limited vocabulary :)    
                                                                                                Gabriella   April 2017
R.I.P. Fernando - you are loved beyond words
Fred's Email...February 2019 

Attended, my first, hypnosis session with Bob, at the Penticton Seniors Center; in early December 2018. Frankly; more curious; than, seeking to solve a problem. Also, skeptical, on my ability, to be hypnotized.

Surprised!, on both counts. With Bob's coaching; went, into deep hypnotic state easily. Through, his very "positive" suggestions, had wonderful sleep, with less anxiety and stress; during, the following weeks!! 

About ,two sessions ago, he explained to the group, that our subconscious mind, can be compared to a cd disc. It has, little pieces of both, positive and negative memories on it. In my case, there was some negative memories; that, had bothered me, for years. Bob said, during this session, he would help; to alleviate, the negative subconscious thoughts. Well through, his hypnotherapy; he was extremely successful!! Subconscious negative memories, are gone; have not returned!!

Thank You!, Bob
You have made me a true, believer, in hypnosis therapy!
Facial Blushing;

" For years I suffered with uncontrollable facial blushing. I tried everything from medications to face creams, but ultimately nothing worked and the horrible blushing ruined not only my social life, it also lowered my confidence and self esteem. This limited me academically and professionally. I was at a loss for what to do and became very depressed and resigned with my plight. A friend of my Mom's mentioned an article about InnerZen Hypnosis that she had read in the paper and clipped it out for us. After two hypnosis sessions with Bob, learning and practicing the techniques he taught me, I have been blush free and I am having every success in all social situations! I feel freed from this curse and I am truly living my life fully for the first time since early childhood! It has been such an emotional and liberating experience for me and I am absolutely grateful. These have been the most happiest of times for me, personally, and I can't say enough how grateful I am. All my thanks to Bob Kittle for giving me the tools I needed to gain hold of my life and move forward!"

-Sincerely Tehri
September 2020

Bridge Phobia  2022

I am 67 years young, and have always been strong and independent - some would call me fearless, but that would not in fact be true. Over the last 10 years, I developed an unreasonable fear of driving across bridges, which has caused me endless stress and concern. I hyper-ventilate, lose focus, my vision narrows, and the anxiety causes me to almost black out, potentially causing a danger to myself and others. I tried everything to get over this issue. The fear changed my routes to and from work, as I have to go well out of my way to select an alternative route, which costs me more in time and gas, and stops me from enjoying trips with family and friends. 

I was introduced to Bob Kittle through a great friend. To be honest, I was very skeptical about hypnosis, and wasn't even sure I could be hypnotized, but I really had exhausted every other avenue, so what did I have to lose? 

I liked Bob immediately. He is extremely professional and likeable, and explained how the sessions would work in detail. His calm nature and quiet but positive demeanor is very encouraging, and creates a strong sense of trust. I felt 100% comfortable putting myself in his care. 

Hypnosis is nothing like one would imagine. It is a fully enveloping experience of relaxation in which the subconscious can be accessed. After just 3 sessions, I am thrilled to be crossing bridges that I would never have thought possible! I am seriously blown away by this result. 

I can't recommend Bob highly enough for his services. He has helped me work through my fear to the point where it is both manageable and workable, and I couldn't be more grateful. It has made a huge difference to my commute, and in my ability to explore different routes to and from work. 

Thanks Bob! You are amazing! I am beyond thrilled at the results!


2023 July

Bob Kittle guided me through one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions with understanding, guidance, and professionalism. Bobs expertise was fundamental in giving me clarity and some issues I’ve had in my personal life enough so that I was prompted to get this testimonial.