June 2019


  Come along and join me on this electrifying and exciting cathartic adventure. Let’s walk this path together and if this helps just one person, it will be worth it to tell my story.

  Childhood issues are definitely at the base but it is not the pivotal point where I would like to begin.

  20 years ago there was a traumatic death in my family and it rocked my world so profoundly that I didn’t know how to deal with it. Coming from a very English background where one doesn’t wash their dirty laundry in public, it was very difficult for me to let down my walls and talk about my pain. I didn’t deal with it for two years and one day I ended up in the Psychiatric Ward of the Penticton Regional Hospital with a complete and total nervous breakdown. It was the best thing that could’ve have happened to me. First of all.... I realized that I COULD get well. Some of these people could not get well so I thanked the Universe and my God for that. The amazing staff encouraged me to health and I am forever grateful.

  The doctors at the time, in their wisdom, put me on an antidepressant medication which worked amazingly at the time, and for many years. I was on the same medication for 20 years and a few months ago I had strange things happening within my body that alerted me so intensely that I had a knowing that my physical, mental and spiritual crossing over of discovery was meant to begin.

I have a wonderful doctor in Summerland who realized that perhaps the medication that I had been taking successfully for 20 years was not helping any more and maybe my body was rebelling. So over the next six or eight weeks I was weaned off the medication and a new yearning emerged in my soul.

  Are you still with me???

  After the medication was totally out of my body, I had a bright light, searching in my soul .... reaching for so many things that I was interested in but because the medication had probably dulled my senses over time, had lay dormant for many years.

  All of a sudden I started researching and looking into different modalities that I’ve been interested in for many many years.

  Over 30 years ago I took my Doctorate of Metaphysical and it opened up all sorts of possibilities for me but I never did fully attack any subjects I was interested in but now I had this new push to learn and to really get well.

  HYPNOSIS, Astrology, Numerology, Buddhism, Books, TED talks, Jay Sherry, Brene Brown. So many things popped in that it was both overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time.

  The first and most important part of my “sprint” started with Bob Kittle who offers free one-hour meditations on Fridays at the Seniors Centre in Penticton B.C.. I had a few private sessions with Bob and that opened up my desire to search in earnest and the more I searched, the more that came into my focus and “knowing”. TED Talks numerology, psychology, books, wellness...Maybe you understand what some of the modalities are.

  We live in a world that I believe gives many wrong messages for how we should live our lives. Wrong questions!!!! What is your material wealth, what kind of house do you live in, what kind of car you drive, how much money do you make, what does your spouse do, do you have the “right” friends, what do people think of you. This was how I used to live my life. Such a shallow existence.

  Now my questions are ....what is my purpose, what am I here to learn, what karma do I need to heal, how can I spread kindness and love, why do I care what people think of me. What people think of me in none of my business.

  Bob Kittle opened up a whole new way of “being” to me. OR....maybe, he gave me the tools to relax and get into such a relaxed state, that what is important in life rises to the surface and helped me to realize I AM ENOUGH.