Spiritual (transpersonal) hypnotherapy is an emerging specialty of clinical hypnotherapy. 

Many people believe in some form of Higher Power. 

As hypnotherapists we can help access powerful resources within. By working at the Soul level uncover or re-discover connection to Divine Love, and the strengths that unfold from those learnings.

So what is Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy? 

Processes and techniques that uncover Soul issues to resolve emotional suffering.

 What Issues respond to Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy? 

•Soul Purpose: Why am I here? 
•Connecting to Spirit: The Higher Self, Angels & Divine Love Energies 
•Soul Retrieval 
•Angel/Spirit Guide Sessions/Star Seed 
• Healing by the Angels 
•Working in the body: the body systems, DNA, stem cells etc. 
•Self-Love, Detachment & Release

During an Angel Spiritual Hypnotherapy Session you will be guided to meet your Angels and Light Beings from the Higher Realms of Universal Consciousness.

You may connect with and perhaps ask questions of them in regards to any aspect of your life as it is occurring in present time, pervious or future. 

During the session, barriers of time and space are removed and with guidance from these Light Beings of Pure Devine Love you may be able to ask those questions you have always wanted to know your whole life.

Throughout the session you will feel safe, protected and a deep sense of relaxation while you are being guided on this spiritual Angel Journey. You make even find yourself connecting to a loved one who has passed on or to your ancestors from long ago.

The Angel Hypnotherapy session I did with Bob was incredible! Bob guided me on a journey to meet my Angels and any other Ascended Light Beings that might want to come through from the Higher Dimensions.

Bob’s voice is very calm and comforting – which made it easy for me to relax, feel safe and trust the experience. I was guided up this beautiful crystalline staircase to a room filled with wondrous healing light and love! I could feel it permeate my entire being – it as so loving and compassionate it filled me with so much joy I was able to connect and converse with some of my Spiritual Guides (one was an Ascended Master that had lived centuries ago).

I asked many questions that I have wondered about – my life path , my healing journey! It was a very profound experience. I am grateful for this experience and the blessing of having Bob guide me through this. He is a wonderfully compassionate person with an incredible gift to help others and guide them to their inner healing light.

With Gratitude …..Valerie O

Fear not the dark.... for it holds the magic of the moon and shooting stars to wish upon....you just need to open your eyes  to its mystical light.       ...valob