At first it was just a field of light to medium grey color. Then it seemed to be luminous or illuminated. It came to take on a feeling of presence but not thought per se, I wasn't "thinking", I experienced it as pure potential- "alpha & omega" came to mind but I didn't say that. Those words seemed too overused and pat to describe the immensity. lt felt like the source from which all sprung. Almost as if it's there awaiting the stirrings of thought direction/impressions.. 

    I can best describe that I was a point of intelligence in a sea of vast intelligence that was with everything, participating- just being/ witnessing. There was no differentiation- rather it is the energy substance that gives form from the stirring of thought and intention.

    I was aware of not being an identity or sensing any individuation. I realized that what I was experiencing was the oneness that I had wanted to know about. I had a feeling that everything was perfect. Whatever thoughts I might think about how things should be were through the veil of my understanding but in truth everything was perfect by design. My heart began to fill with love & peace and it expanded such that I could feel a powerful love energy fill my whole upper torso. Shortly thereafter my whole body charged with intense energy. I became aware of tears running down my cheeks. Beauty, love, joy, oneness. I felt very grateful & blessed. 
Bob asked me at some point to describe it and the idea that came was this pervasive love, was like the sun that shined on everything. 

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