InnerZen Hypnosis
Doctor Lee Pulos

“Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that we drift in and out of quite regularly. For example, while driving along a highway and then suddenly discovering that you ‘lost’ several miles without being aware of it. 

This can also happen during reading when you may notice that you have ‘read’ a chapter or two without being mindful of the content. 

Hypnosis is basically a technique for focusing consciousness by entering a deep state of absorption. It allows you to shift from your outer to inner awareness and tap deeper levels of consciousness, so that we can re-educate and reprogram the subconscious with empowering suggestions or beliefs.”

Bob Kittle
Penticton B.C.
250  488-2723
 There is such a vast amount of information available for researching hypnotherapy, such as the links below. I encourage you to explore these, and others you may find...