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InnerZen Hypnosis
Dealing with Emotional Wounds

  Group Hypnosis Session - Seniors Center Suspended

AS OF THE 5 APRIL 2020  I will be offering very effective    ON LINE SESSIONS 
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The reason hypnosis works so well has to do with the way it transforms the subconscious mind’s perceptions and beliefs.

Think of your mind like a computer: the unconscious mind operates automatic body systems in the same way as a computer’s operating system; the subconscious operates like a hard drive by storing information; the conscious mind functions like RAM choosing what information is to be acted on moment by moment. Immediately, the supreme importance of the subconscious mind becomes apparent. In order to update any files, the subconscious must be engaged.

We cannot change memories, but we can update how we feel about them. 

Stress and Anxiety
Pre and Post Surgery
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