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InnerZen Hypnosis

Brian L. Weise, MD wrote the following:

There is no danger in hypnosis. No person I have ever hypnotized has become stuck in the hypnotic state. 

You can emerge from a state of hypnosis whenever you want. No one has ever violated his or her moral and ethical principles. No one has involuntarily acted like a chicken or a duck. 

No one can control you. You are in control. 

Hypnosis puts the patient in a state that holds Great potential for healing by giving the patient access to the subconscious mind. 

To speak metaphorically, it puts the patient in the magical forest that holds the healing tree. But if hypnosis leads the patient into that healing country, it is the regression process that is the tree that holds sacred berries he or she must eat to heal. 

Regression therapy is the mental act in going back to an earlier time, whenever that time may be, in order to retrieve memories that may still be negatively influencing the patients present life and that are probably the source of the patients symptoms. 

Hypnosis allows the mind to short circuit conscious barriers to tap into this information, including those barriers that prevent patients from consciously accessing your past life.

Hypnosis is the main technique used to help patients access past life memories… one goal of hypnosis, as well as meditation, is to access to sub consciousness…

In the subconscious mind, mental processes waken without our conscious perception of them. We experience moments of intuition, wisdom, and creativity when these processes flash into our conscious awareness.

Sub consciousness is not limited by our imposed boundaries of logic, space, and time. It can remember everything, from anytime… It can transcend the ordinary to touch upon wisdom far beyond our everyday capabilities. 

Hypnosis accesses the wisdom of the sub consciousness in a focused way in order to achieve healing. We are in hypnosis whenever the usual relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is reconfigured so that the subconscious plays a more dominant role. 

When you’re hypnotized, you’re not asleep. Your conscious mind is always aware of what you are experiencing while you were hypnotized. Despite the deep subconscious contact, your mind can comment, criticize, and censor. You are always in control of what you say. 

Hypnosis is not a truth serum. You do not enter a Time Machine and suddenly find yourself transported to another time and place with no awareness of the present. 

It may sound as though it requires a great deal of skill to reach these deeper levels of hypnosis. However, each of us experiences them with ease every day as we pass through the state between wakefulness and sleeping known as the hypnotic state.  

Listening to someone’s guiding voice aids in and helps a patient to reach a deeper level of hypnosis and relaxation.